The dos and don’ts of international dating

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Heres a few tips from travel and dating experts to help you make the most of your romantic life abroad.


Do – Make an attempt to learn the language.new language

You’ll be surprised how much a few phrases and words can help you. Making an effort to learn not only says I value your culture, but is an amazing ice breaker. With companies like Rosetta Stone who now offer guarantees as well as an app, you really don’t have any excuses.


Do Not – Assume everyone speaks English everywhere you go.

no english

Sure, thanks to Hollywood and main stream music, English has become a much more secular language. But nothing shuts people off faster than a strong sense of entitlement. For $20 you can easily get a digital translator that lets you speak and type. A must have for those with limited data.


Do – Download as many social and dating apps as possible.

mobile dating

Today more than 3 out of 4 relationships happen online and that number continues to grow each day. Wether you’re traveling abroad or you have a type, using apps to your advantage can only help. We love asian women date. russian brides. and eharmony




Do Not –  Fake an accent.


Never start a relationship out with a lie. It can be a fun ice breaker, but once you get in too deep theres no coming back.



Do – Keep an open mind.

open mind

 Half the fun is the experiences you’ll get to enjoy. If you limit your self on the places, food or adventures you could potentially be enjoying you may never get a second chance.



Do Not – Forget to switch your data plan.

cell data

Nothing is worse than meeting the love of your life only to realize that if you do start a new life together it will be one started under crippling debt because you forgot to turn off roaming on your phone. This is especially true if you plan on using dating apps like asian women date. A swipe here, a match there, next thing you know you’re selling your house. To help avoid this, we recommend a dual sim card phone like the BLU Advanced.



Do – Invest in some tracking equipment.


not for them, but for your stuff if your traveling abroad. Tiny attachments such as tile can help you navigate the city or track down your phone or wallet incase it gets lost after a fun night out.



Do Not – Forget that they are just as excited to meet you as well.  


These are rare and amazing opportunities. Take as much advantage of them as you can.

Tony Archer is The Mandateds senior finance and economy writer. Prior to joining The Mandated, he was an assistant editor at CNN Money and a deputy editor at The Guardian in Harrisburg, Pa. Tony started his career at investment advisory firm Cambridge Associates and holds a master's degree in financial economics from Oxford University.

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