Trending jobs that let you work from home

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Tired of working that dreaded 9-5? Over the daily commute in rush hour traffic? Have a family to take care of that impedes you from sitting in a cubicle? Ever just want to travel the world but still make money?


Well the staff here at TheMandated put together a list of some of the highest trending online jobs and the companies behind them.


1. Dow Jones Stock Investing 

Everyone knows stock investing is all the rage and the way so many millionaires have come to make their fortune. Dow Jones Stock Investing shows you an interactive step by step way to master the stock market and work your own hours.


2. Marijuana and its legal future 

growing weed

This $36 Billion dollar a year  industry has just passed legislation and is now legal! Investing in its stocks, companies or products is one of the hottest trends for investors seeking to make a great return as well as a long term investment. Sit back with confidence and watch your money grow (pun intended).


3.  Paid Blogging

Growing up we all heard the saying “keep your opinions to yourself.” For those individuals who dared to go against the grain, the rewards have been nothing short of excellent. Major companies pay big bucks to advertise on your site and even hear your reviews of their products. Blogging can be a great way to talk about your passion and make a few extra bucks in your spare time. Taking advantage of seminars like the one above is a perfect first step in building your work remote future. Stop procrastinating and start earning cash now.  



Tony Archer is The Mandateds senior finance and economy writer. Prior to joining The Mandated, he was an assistant editor at CNN Money and a deputy editor at The Guardian in Harrisburg, Pa. Tony started his career at investment advisory firm Cambridge Associates and holds a master's degree in financial economics from Oxford University.

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