EXPOSED: Put down that wine bottle! You’re getting ripped off…

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If you buy your wine at grocery stores, liquor stores or even Bevmo, you are grossly overpaying for your wine. That $20 dollar bottle you bought is really a $4 bottle of wine!

What makes wine so great? Is it the ability to pair it with your meals or the joy of having a glass (or two) after a long day at work? Or maybe you’re attracted to the history varietal or region of the grape? Whatever your reason, wine is great! What’s not great, is blindly overpaying for wine or ending up with wine at a horrible value because you don’t know what you’re buying.

The wine industry as a whole is very passionate, but no one is more passionate than the artisan winemakers. The people that live and breathe producing perfect grapes and honor the winemaking process. It’s an art. These skilled professionals take their time to craft the perfect bottle, but after it leaves the vineyard it’s a different story.

So how is it that a $20 dollar bottle of wine for you actually cost about a $4 bottle to make?

It’s all about the distribution chain.

When that $4 bottle of wine leaves the vineyard, the importer or marketing company adds on his inflated margin, followed again by the distributor and yet again by the retailer. Everyone in the chain gets a piece of the action, but you end up with a mediocre wine at a premium price, usually about 70% higher than what the vineyard sold it for in the first place.

Every time you buy a bottle of wine — even if you buy during Bevmo’s 5 cent sale, you are still overpaying!

Look, let’s break it down…
Buy 1 bottle $17 (actual cost $2) get second bottle for 5 cents.

You paid 17.05 for two bottles of $2 wine. You just overpaid by 3 times the value of that wine. Yikes!

If you pay $20 for a bottle of wine, shouldn’t it be a $20 dollar bottle of wine?

Yes! says Splash Wines founder, Rob Imeson enthusiastically. Splash is an online wine retailer that agrees you should get exactly what you pay for.

For three generations, Rob and his family have scoured the globe building winery relationships and discovering the best values. Splash then negotiates the purchase of wine directly from the vineyard and brings them directly to you, bypassing the significant fees tacked on by the importer, distributor and the retailer.

Unlike other online wine retailers that grossly mark up their wine to pocket the difference, Splash is committed to limiting margins to a maximum of 15% above cost which means that you get the best wines and the best prices. Period. No hidden fees, no credit card re-bills.

So when you pay $23 for a bottle of wine from Splash, you are actually getting a great value worth at least what you pay for it. Compare that to a retail store or grocery where you would pay upwards of $60 for the same $23 bottle!

$23 vs $60 for the same exact wine. It’s a no-brainer.

By cutting out the chain that takes the wine from the vineyard directly to the customers’ door, Splash is passing on tremendous savings to their customers.

Splash is truly passionate about the wine it sells and wants everyone to experience their amazing regional wines, without having to rip off customers by inflating prices or selling sub-par wine.

Not all online wine retailers like splash are so customer focused. We’ve ordered quite a few cases here that were far from quality wines. Several big-name online wine retailers have a reputation for operating a “turn and burn” business.

They simply buy cheap wine and slap a new label on it, mark it up and try to pass it off as a premium product. That’s why you can’t really find the wines they sell even if you scour the internet.

Whereas the wines Splash carries you can always find elsewhere, but at a higher price because they aren’t bypassing the middlemen and everything is marked up.

If their prices aren’t enough to get you stop throwing your money away at the grocery or liquor store, Splash Wines Satisfaction Guarantee is an industry gold standard. If you are not happy with your wine, Splash will credit you or replace it no questions asked.

Splash goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. This really sets them apart not only from their less than stellar online competitors but also from traditional wine retailers like grocery stores whose staff is usually less than knowledgeable about the products they carry. Splash Customer service knows their wine, and are more than happy to help you with your selection.

Check out what their customers are saying…

If you’re tired of overpaying for mediocre wine and want quality world class wine for less, Splash is it. The combination of passion, value and customer service really sets Splash above the competition.


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